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Plant Types:Aquatic, Bee Attracting, Bird Attracting, Bush Tucker, Butterfly Attracting, Climber, Fern, Grass, Ground Cover, Lilies, Low Growing, No Longer Indigenous To Whitehorse, Rush, Sedge, Shrubs (2 to 6m high), Shrubs (up to 2m high), Tree over 6m
Light RequirementsFull Shade, Full Sun, Full Sun for short periods, Partial Shade, Shady
Soil RequirementsAquatic, Boggy Soil, Dry Soil, Heavy Wet Soil, In Water, Moist Alluvial or Sandy Soil, Moist Soil, Poor Soil, Poorly Drained Sand or Clay, Poorly Drained Soil, Tolerates Most Soils, Well Drained Soil, Wet Soil

List of Plants

Botanical Name Common Name(s) Type Size
(mostly HxW)
Acacia acinaceaGold Dust WattleTODO: FIX - Bush Tucker, Climber, Tree over 6m
IMPORTED(TEST PLANT) – Marsilea drummondiiCommon NardooTODO: FIX - 30cm high
IMPORTED(TEST PLANT) – Mazus pumilioSwamp MazusTODO: FIX -
IMPORTED(TEST PLANT) – Melaleuca ericifoliaSwamp PaperbarkTODO: FIX - 9m x 3m
IMPORTED(TEST PLANT) – Melicytus dentatusTree VioletTODO: FIX - 2m x 2m
IMPORTED(TEST PLANT) – Mentha australisRiver MintTODO: FIX -
Leaves can be used to make tea, and also to treat coughs and colds.
80cm x 1m
IMPORTED(TEST PLANT) – Microlaena stipoidesWeeping GrassTODO: FIX - 30cm x 60cm
IMPORTED(TEST PLANT) – Microseris walteri
Previously known as: Microseris lanceolata
Yam Daisy, MurnongTODO: FIX -
Tuber can be roasted or fried.
15-50cm x 15-25cm
IMPORTED(TEST PLANT) – Myoporum petiolatumSticky BoobiallaTODO: FIX - .5-2m x 1.5-2m
IMPORTED(TEST PLANT) – Olearia lirataSnowy Daisy-bushTODO: FIX - 5m x 3m
IMPORTED(TEST PLANT) – Olearia ramulosaTwiggy Daisy-bushTODO: FIX - 2.5m x 2.3m
IMPORTED(TEST PLANT) – Ozothamnus ferrugineusTree EverlastingTODO: FIX - 6m x 3m
Largus robustusbig plantTODO: FIX - Bush Tucker, Tree over 6m
Linda Buxtonus
Previously known as: Getting Oldus
Common Linda, Silver LeafTODO: FIX - Bush Tucker
Currently unavailable for sale
Can be eaten raw or cooked.
3 x 3m
No picturusToo LazyTODO: FIX - Climber
Scientificus balderdashAnother one common nameTODO: FIX - Bush Tucker, Tree over 6m
Something pricklyOuch PlantTODO: FIX - Bush Tucker, Climber

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