Native bees on Grass Trigger-plant (Stylidium graminifolium)

Bees and other pollinators are a very important part of our urban wildlife acting as pollinators for many plants including many of our favourite vegetables and fruit as well as our indigenous plants.

The European Honey Bee has a large foraging range of many kilometres but the local solitary bees have a much smaller range of about 500 metres. This means the small local plantings of their favourite plants can go a long way to keeping these small visitors to your garden alive and well.

Bees need to be able to access the nectar or pollen of a flower. This can be difficult with many of the cultivars of common garden plants that may now not even produce any nectar. Simple, open flowers are preferred by all bees with many solitary bees being expert at living with our local plants.

How to help maintain healthy bee populations:

  • Plant a range of flowering plants that will be available to the bees at many times of the year.
  • Avoid using insecticide sprays or dusts particularly on plants in flower when bees may be visiting.
  • Put a bee or pollinator hotel in a sheltered part of your garden. You will be encouraging them to stay all year.

Here are our recommendations from plants in our nursery:

Botanical NameCommon Name
Trees over 6m:Acacia dealbataSilver Wattle
Acacia pycnanthaGolden Wattle
Eucalyptus baxteriBrown Stringybark
Eucalyptus cephalocarpaSilver-leaf Stringybark
Eucalyptus globoideaWhite Stringybark
Eucalyptus goniocalyxLong-leafed Box
Eucalyptus macrorhynchaRed Stringybark
Eucalyptus melliodoraYellow Box
Eucalyptus obliquaMessmate
Eucalyptus ovataSwamp Gum
Eucalyptus radiataNarrow-leafed Peppermint
Eucalyptus viminalisManna Gum
Eucalyptus yarraensisYarra Gum
Large shrubs 2-6m:Acacia genistifoliaSpreading Wattle
Acacia myrtifoliaMyrtle Wattle
Acacia strictaHop Wattle
Acacia verticillataPrickly Moses
Bursaria spinosaSweet Bursaria
Kunzea leptospermoidesBurgan
Leptospermum continentalePrickly Tea-tree
Leptospermum scopariumManuka or Black Tea-tree
Melaleuca ericifoliaSwamp Paperbark
Melicytus dentatusTree Violet
Prostanthera lasianthosVictorian Christmas-bush
Small-medium shrubs:Acacia acinaceaGold Dust Wattle
Banksia spinulosa var. cunninghamiiHairpin Banksia
Correa reflexa var. lobataCommon Correa
Goodenia ovataHop Goodenia
Hakea decurrens ssp. physocarpaBushy Needlewood
Myoporum petiolatumSticky Boobialla
Solanum aviculareKangaroo Apple
Climbers:Hardenbergia violaceaPurple Coral Pea
Pandorea pandoranaWonga Vine
Ground covers:Chrysocephalum semipapposumClustered Everlasting
Pelargonium australeAustral Stork’s-bill
Stylidium armeria subsp. armeriaThrift-leaved Trigger-plant
Wahlenbergia capillarisTufted Bluebell
Lilies:Arthropodium strictumChocolate Lily
Bulbine bulbosaBulbine Lily