Botanical nameCommon nameFoliageFlowers/fruit
Billardiera mutabilisCommon Apple BerryFruit can be eaten raw when ripe or roasted when green.
Greenish-yellow, tubular
Clematis aristataAustral ClematisOvate leaves divided into trifoliate segments
Starry white
Clematis microphyllaSmall-leaved ClematisSimilar to C. aristata but with small linear leaflets.
Cream star-shaped
Comesperma volubileLove CreeperFew leaves, linear to ovate
Blue or purple flowers
Hardenbergia violaceaPurple Coral PeaDark green ovate leaves
Purple pea flowers
Pandorea pandoranaWonga VineGlossy dark green pinnate
Tubular creamy-white, maroon tips
Rubus parvifoliusSmall-leaf BrambleGreen, toothed pinnate leaves
Deep pink flowers, bright red fruit