Botanical Name Common Name(s) Type Size
(mostly HxW)
IMPORTED(TEST PLANT) – Mentha australisRiver MintTODO: FIX -
Leaves can be used to make tea, and also to treat coughs and colds.
80cm x 1m
IMPORTED(TEST PLANT) – Microseris walteri
Previously known as: Microseris lanceolata
Yam Daisy, MurnongTODO: FIX -
Tuber can be roasted or fried.
15-50cm x 15-25cm
Linda Buxtonus
Previously known as: Getting Oldus
Common Linda, Silver LeafTODO: FIX - Bush Tucker
Currently unavailable for sale
Can be eaten raw or cooked.
3 x 3m
No picturusToo LazyTODO: FIX - Climber

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