These plants are no longer believed to be indigenous to the Whitehorse area.

They are only sold only for use in home gardens (and not to parks, the council etc).

Botanical Name Common Name(s) Type Size
(mostly HxW)
IMPORTED(TEST PLANT) – Marsilea drummondiiCommon NardooTODO: FIX - 30cm high
IMPORTED(TEST PLANT) – Mazus pumilioSwamp MazusTODO: FIX -
IMPORTED(TEST PLANT) – Mentha australisRiver MintTODO: FIX -
Leaves can be used to make tea, and also to treat coughs and colds.
80cm x 1m
IMPORTED(TEST PLANT) – Myoporum petiolatumSticky BoobiallaTODO: FIX - .5-2m x 1.5-2m
Linda Buxtonus
Previously known as: Getting Oldus
Common Linda, Silver LeafTODO: FIX - Bush Tucker
Currently unavailable for sale
Can be eaten raw or cooked.
3 x 3m
No picturusToo LazyTODO: FIX - Climber

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