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Botanical Name:Melaleuca paludicola 
Synonym(s):   Callistemon sieberi  , Callistemon paludosus 
Common Name:River Bottlebrush 
Sold As:Tube ($2.00)
Tall Shrub (2 to 6 m), Bird Attracting, Butterfly Attracting, Insect Attracting
Full Sun, Partial Shade
Clay, Moist, Wet, Poorly Drained
3-10 m x 2-6 m
Foliage:Stiff narrow leaves with sharp point on end, 3-5 cm x 2-5 mm. New growth silvery with silky hairs.
Flowers:Cream, occasionally pink, bottlebrush flowers in spikes to 5 cm long along branchlets, November-February.

Open to dense weeping shrub with fissured bark on older plants.  Birds use it for food and habitat and butterflies like the nectar.

In a garden is useful for screening or weeping over pond areas. Tolerates dry conditions once established. Grow in poorly drained sites. Pruning beneficial.

Likes to grow in wet to moist conditions, growing along river banks. Clay soils. Frost tolerant.    

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