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Botanical Name:Gonocarpus tetragynus 
4 synonyms:     Haloragis rubra  , Haloragis tetragyna  , Haloragis tetragyna var. bicallosa  , Haloragis tetragyna var. serrata 
Common Name:common raspwort 
Sold As:Tube ($2.00)
Ground Cover (up to 30 cm), Low Growing Shrub (30 cm to 1 m)
Full Sun, Partial Shade
Dry, Moist, Well Drained
15-30 cm x 40 cm
Foliage:Pairs of lance-shaped leaves, 0.6-1.9 cm x 2-7 mm, with stiff hairs. Margins have 4-8 small teeth.
Flowers:Loose terminal spikes of tiny green to redish-pink flowers, bracts reddish., December-February,.

Wiry, erect perennial herb with slightly 4-ribbed stems covered in sharp stiff hairs.

Plant as an understorey under established trees. Stems have a raspy feel. Fast growing

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