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Botanical Name:Lythrum salicaria 
Common Name:Purple Loosestrife 
Sold As:Tube ($2.00)
Ground Cover (up to 30 cm), Low Growing Shrub (30 cm to 1 m), Butterfly Attracting, Insect Attracting, May not be Indigenous to Whitehorse, Aquatic
Full Sun
Moist, Wet, Boggy, Poorly Drained, Aquatic
1-2 m x 1 m
Foliage:Pairs of oval to lance-shaped leaves to 75mm long, pointed at the tip.
Flowers:Clusters of tubular, purple to magenta petalled flowers borne in long spikes at the end of stems. Flowers from November to March.

Hates dry soil. This is an ideal plant to grow in aquatic environments. Erect annual herb with tuberous roots, plants usually die down in winter but bounce back in spring.  Both food for caterpillars and nectar for butterflies.

A very showy plant for borders, bog gardens and around water edges such as ponds or pools.  Stems should be cut back to roots after flowering. Plant dies back over summer.

A most attractive wetland plant with well displayed flowers.  Grow in and beside shallow ponds.

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