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Botanical Name:Viola betonicifolia 
Common Name:Showy Violet  , Mountain Violet  , Arrowhead Violet  , Arrow-leaved Violet 
Sold As:Tube ($2.00)
Ground Cover (up to 30 cm), Low Growing Shrub (30 cm to 1 m)
Partial Shade, Shade
Dry, Moist, Well Drained
5-4030 cm x 15 cm
Foliage:Basal rosette of dark green oblong to lance-shaped leaves 20-70 mm x 15-25 mm with rounded tip and entire to slightly scalloped margins. Stalk 2-15 cm long.
Flowers:Large purplish-blue, September-December

Well displayed flowers are attractive drifted through a small garden. Will self seed but is not invasive.

Erect tufted perennial herb.  Variable growing conditions from moist to dry soils, in lowland stony woodlands to moist alpine herb fields. Frost and snow tolerant. Semi-shade to full sun.  

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