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Image(s) Botanical Name Common Name(s) Type Size
Banksia cunninghamii
1 synonym: Banksia spinulosa var. cunninghamii
hairpin banksiaMedium Shrub (1 to 2 m), Tall Shrub (2 to 6 m), Bee Attracting, Bird Attracting, Insect Attracting, Popular
Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moist, Well Drained
2-4 m x 2-5 m
Eucalyptus viminalis
3 synonyms: Eucalyptus angustifolia, Eucalyptus gunnii, Eucalyptus viminalis var. rhynchocorys
manna gum, ribbon gum, white gumLarge Tree (over 6 m), Bee Attracting, Bird Attracting, Butterfly Attracting, Insect Attracting, Indigenous Plant Use
Full Sun
Sugary sap can be eaten, and flowers soaked in water make a sweet drink.CAUTION: Many plants are poisonous if not collected and prepared properly!
10-50 m x 8-15 m

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Contains "possum"

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